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I bought the foundation it Ellen D suggest that wont lay in wrinkles. Well it doesnt work. It went right down into the wrinkles and made them stand out more. I am not a happy customer. That was a waste of my money and Im about done buying cover girl. Add comment

Ellen , a covergirl? Ha! Stop airbrushing her photos & show what your make up can really do. Heather . Add comment

I bought the covergirl quads Notice me nudes( 700), go for the golds (705), va va violets ( 710), stunning smokey (715),Blooming blushes (720),Breath taking blues (725)Covergirl trunaked eyeshadow nudes because i love them and find them beutiful. I ordeared them from covergirl online and when they showed up atleast one color or more on every pallette was cracked or shattered. I would like new... Read more

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Hello I am very upset. I have been a cover girl compact powder user for at least 20 years. I have bought 4 compacts in the past 2 months because they keep breaking. The first two I bought I was carrying in my purse which by the way is normal and you should be able to, and they broke within one week. The metal piece came out. So I bought another one and left it in my make up bag at home and it... Read more

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I bought to cover girl lash blast 24 and both were clumpy i have been a consumer to your product for 8 years in this time im not happy with my product in the money i spent on them so not worth it Add comment

I find it harder and harder to find a covergirl concealer to match my complexion. Walmart stores, Walgreens, Target, CVS, ( the list goes on) in my area only carry fair, light, and medium concealer EVERYWHERE. What about the black ladies... I loved the 720 deep conceal b/c I'm not light nor dark....then you guys come out with 730 concealer which is way darker than the 720 concealer... Who said it... Read more

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Bombshell curvaceous mascara ripped out my eyelashes!!! Used oil based makeup remover. Left it on for a minute to penetrate. No luck! This stuff is like glue! I want my $17.00 back plus! DO NOT USE THIS STUFF!!!! Add comment

After using the new plumpify mascara for a few days, my eyes became very irritated, red and itchy. When I stopped using it my eyes recovered. iI would appreciate being reimbursed for the product. Add comment

Hello, Ive been buying your products for years.Especially the "Long last" lip color.In fact I've even referred the lipstick to many of my girlfriend s.Problem is the wand doesn't go to the bottom or theres alot towards the top, Wasted.I have several I cant use.I wear this long last every day.Please help. Read more

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I used covergirl mascara lash blast and I will never use again in life. My face started to break out, my eyes were burning and when I woke up the next day my eyes were very swollen, puffy under my eyes. Also my arms and legs broke out. I cannot believe the reaction my skin had just from using mascara. My doctor prescribed me some benedryl and its getting better, but slowly. I'm going to contact... Read more

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